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    Sustainable gift packaging

    Spices Chef received demands from number of customers to make gift packages for them. Our new products are getting good appreciation. Distinguished customers like Markku Pölönen found our products interesting was an honor and motivation! Well wishers and regular customers want to share our delic... View Post
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    This is Spices Chef's hidden hero product :)

    This is our hidden hero product :) If you find Gourmet Valkopippuri & Savusuola by SPICES CHEF anywhere, open the lid and have a flavour! - it explains why this product is our hidden hero :)⁠ Use it with salad, unmarinated fish, seafood, ...⁠ Tämä on meidän hidden hero-tuote. Jos löydä... View Post
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    Luomu -ja Demeter tarkastus hyväksytty / Organic and Demeter certification inspection approved 5.12.2019

    Today 5.12.2019 inspector representing Ruokavirasto & Demeter Finland visited factory of Promotto Spices & Spices Chef Oy in Kontiolahti. The inspector checked supply chain documents, traceability, accounts, inventory, and production processes. The inspector was overall satisfied with our... View Post
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    SIMPLY PERFECT FRUIT PUREES AND A GIVEAWAY! See original Blog by Sara Kotikolo for pictures and details. There is a small and interesting company in Kontiolahti called Spices Chef. They prepare organic food produce such as 100% fruit purees, spices, spice mixes and vegan broths. Company’s CEO ... View Post