| Pramod Jayaprakash

Spices Chef's local food worldview

As a brand dedicated to sustainability and food innovations, Spices Chef is motivated to expand understanding of what is local food.

Instead of limiting local food vision as to ingredients originated from nearby or food products, which has a long historical connection to a region, Spices Chef propose to bring unlimited innovation possibilities to local ingredients and local inspirations.

Spices Chef wants to promote local skill developments through local food innovations to boost employment opportunities in the regions we have an impact.

Local food innovations could provide a medium to connect both local and global audiences. Local tastes, yet tastes without boundaries, using food technology, and bold taste blending ideas.

How to highlight local ingredients and local inspirations in product developments? Wild & organic spice mills, inspired by North-Karelia project is an example from Spices Chef for it's local food world view.

We also take part in European Region of Gastronomy events coordinated under the Taste Savo project of Kuopio Region 2020-21.


Spices Chef's food product development ideas aren't only developed in laboratories, but by consistently interacting with customers. Local food products have been first developed for the customers of local food networks called Luomupiiri and REKO, Products are further developed based on feedback from customers for a period of time. The successful products are then presented in competitions like European Organic Food Innovation Award or Artisaaniruuoka SM. Eventually the most successful products reach in shops.

Public funded projects like Vastuulliset Valmistajat hanke coordinated and funded by Joensuun Seudun Leader ry & Pohjois-Karjalan Ely-Keskus have played a key role in funding the product development processes of Spices Chef's local food innovations.

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