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Spices Chef brand: A case model for sustainable packaging

Helsinki Design Week 5–15/9/2019. HDW is about a series of events and exhibitions promoting sustainable lifestyles.

Aalto University's Pack-Age project has an exhibition on the subject of "Envisioning the Future of Packaging". The sustanable brand cases presented includes Spices Chef's packaging concepts. Welcome to visit the exhibition at Väre building (67), LQ Lobby, Otaniementie 14, Aalto University.

(Pramod Jayaprakash, Managing Director, Spices Chef Oy)

Spices Chef's packaging was a case study for sustainable packaging in the Pack-Age multidisciplinary study programme at Aalto University. Six students (Minna, Tong, Craig, Aino-Nina, Inga, Jian) worked in the project. It was a 15 ECTS course. Markus Joutsela was the visionary behind this course. Number of packaging industry specialists and university professors were part of the teaching team of the course.

(Team Sustainability: Craig, Minna, Aino-Nina, Tong, Jian, Inga)

The sustainable design concepts are now displayed at Helsinki Design Week on the theme of Future of Packaging.
Spices Chef further developed the packaging designs envisioned by the Sustainability Team in Pack-Age project. After the project, Spices Chef walked a long distance to realize sustainable packaging in actual production. This effort will be specially visible in the packaging of our upcoming organic products where we use Pack-Age project designs in bioplastic cans.
Spices Chef stands for sustainability business model. It reflects in quality, taste, packaging and affordability.
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