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| Pramod Jayaprakash

Pakkausbrändi perustuu tietoon - Kehittyvä Elintarvike 3/2021

Kehittyvä Elintarvike magazine has chosen Spices Chef's packaging design for the cover page.

This is a food industry professional magazine. 3/2021 edition focuses on packaging innovations and trends.

Spices Chef is the first brand in Finland to pack organic vegan foods in plant-based designer cans for home kitchens.

We believed that a small company like us can also actively take part in sustainability movements. Sustainable packaging made with plant-based materials has been one of our core visions since 2017. We are glad to have achieved it.

We didn't achieve this capacity alone. We especially thank the Pack-Age project of Aalto University. We also thank personally the professionals and organizations who supported us in making sustainable packaging innovations possible.

Welcome to subscribe and read the interview with Markus Joutsela "Pakkausbrändi perustuu tietoon" in the Kehittyvä Elintarvike magazine.

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More details in the next blogs ...



Find Spices Chef products at Kesko stores. If you didn't find it in your nearest Kesko store, please ask the shop keeper  to bring it.

Spices Chef products are also sold at Prisma Joensuu, Heinonlan Heila,  Iitin Maatilatori.

Spices Chef also has a webshop: www.spiceschef.bio

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