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Organic Food Innovation Award -kilpailun finalistiyritykset ovat: Spices Chef ..... 1/10

European Organic Food Innovation Award finalists are announced! Spices Chef is made into the final 1/10 businesses. Humbled to know this selection. Long way to go still ..

Other finalists in the competition are below.

Finalistiyritykset ovat:

Arla Oy, palveluinnovaatio
Gobbas Gård & Härmän Rati, 
Goodio / Helsinki Heaven Oy,
Heikkilän Juustola, 

Helsingin Mylly Oy, 
Jokilaakson Juusto Oy, 
Lapin Maria Oy, 
Spices Chef Ltd & Promotto Spices
, tuoteinnovaatio
Suomisen Maito Oy, 
Valio Oy, 

We compete for the first organic food innovation award on 2.10.2019 as part of the Luomuelintarvikepäivä at Finlandia-talo, Helsinki.

European Organic Food Innovation Award - Competition Entry Video from Spices Chef is here: https://spiceschef.bio/blogs/stories/competition-video-from-spices-chef-european-organic-food-innovation-award-2019

To know more details are about the competition and Luomuelintarvikepäivä please visit: https://proluomu.fi/innovaatiokilpailun-finaali-luomuelintarvikepaivassa/

Welcome to register for the Luomuelintarvikepäivä event !

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